1. Training: Your printer/photocopier is likely to be a big investment for your company. Technology is changing rapidly, so it’s a good idea to get some training on the machine in order to optimise your use and make sure you are constantly efficient.


  1. Have a Go To Person In Your Company: It’s a good idea for one person to have the maximum training on your machine and that this person can share their knowledge internally.  Frequently, service providers can end up dealing with a multitude of people in a company or organisation, but this is making the technical process much less efficient and therefore costing your company more money.


  1. Do Not Try a DIY Fix? Follow the machine instructions and the order of the instructions; they are there for a reason. Even something as simple as a paper jam – time and time again, we are called out on service calls because people are pulling paper the wrong way or not following the instructions.


  1. Paper – Use the right paper for your machine.


  1. Communication: Keep in touch with your photocopier supplier and service team. If you have a heavy reliance on your machine for a particular period of time and it’s mission critical to have no downtime, e.g. before an event, get your machine serviced in advance and notify the service team that they will need to be on call should there be any technical glitches.


  1. Technicians: Listen to the advice of your technicians.


  1. Toner: Only use genuine toner and parts for your machine; they are made specifically for your machine. If you go down the route of using compatible toners be aware that your service calls and spare parts usage will increase and your print quality will decrease. Using compatible toners and consumables completely negates your printer’s warranty.  In this case, you should investigate whether your service provider will stand over the printer’s warranty and make changes to parts and complete a full servicing as part of your service agreement.


  1. Preventative Maintenance: Some companies such as operate a system of preventative maintenance, i.e. we monitor the print output and based on volume, we know whether your business’s photocopier/printer needs a monthly or quarterly service to keep it running smoothly.


  1. Call Call for all your service and maintenance needs!


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