Projectors are not just for using in the office, check out these creative uses for projectors in the home!

An outdoor cinema in summer

This is a great idea for a family night in. Gather the children, pop on your favourite Disney movie, grab some snacks and blankets and enjoy the mild night in the comfort of your garden. This creates fun memories for your children and is something different for you all to enjoy together.

All you will need is a projector and a flat surface to project the film onto. If you’re super fancy, you might even invest in a drop down projector screen that you can pull down when needed!

This is also a great idea for when you host a kids slumber party, keeping the kids entertained while getting some fresh air.

Bedroom Projector

Don’t want to commit to putting a TV in your bedroom? Then how about installing a projector and aiming it at a blank wall, or if you are really fancy, maybe even aim it at the roof! This cuts out the urge to sit in bed and watch any old tv, and means you will only use it for special movie nights. Another bonus is that a projector takes up virtually no space compared to a TV and can be neatly hidden away until you want to use it.


Sports Nights

Be the house that hosts all the big games with a projector screen in your living room. Projectors can link up to your live stream of the game and will play in great quality, big enough for everyone to see all the action.


Kids Playroom

Are your kids always spending time in their friends’ house at not enough time at home? Make your home the hub with a projector screen for the playroom. What could be more fun than transforming your playroom into a kids dream room!





There are endless ideas on how to use a projector at home! How do you use yours?

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