Benefits of a projector over a TV

Benefits of a projector over a TV


The pro’s and Con’s of a projector vs a television. 
A common comparison of a large TV and a projector. Which should you choose? What are the major differences?

The Pro’s of projector vs a TV
The biggest difference is size. A projector will give you a massive 100+” image. Many people use 120” and even 140” images. Although a 75” TV sounds like it is only a little bit smaller being a diagonal measurement is makes a whole lot of difference with every inch increase. The bottom line is the projector give you’re a more immersive picture filling your field of view making for better entertainment.

For the same reason people go to a cinema for the big screen big sound no interruptions experience a projector offers the scale which makes the movie or sporting even a little more special larger than life.

What are the con’s of a projector vs a TV?
There is a little bit more setup initially if you are installing it on the ceiling. You would have to cable it up if you are after a screen and the big home theatre speakers that would have to be added as well. Many people are saving on the accessories by getting a basic sound bar as the speaker system and projecting onto a white wall.

Light is the major consideration. Although modern projectors do not need a pitch black room they will benefit from a decent set of curtains and a dimmed down room. Though not many people sit down to a movie at noon with all the house light on, this is the major drawback of projectors where you have to have a little bit of light control.

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