Digital Strategy For Schools

In October 2015, then Minister Jan O’Sullivan announced the largest ever investment in Digital Strategy For Schools. The Minister for Education and Skills announced a €210m investment in digital technology in schools, the largest ever such investment.

Among the key points of the Digital Strategy For Schools are:

  • Dedicated multi-annual funding to schools to invest in technology.
  • Build on the successful roll-out of high-speed broadband to every second-level school.
  • Develop opportunities for students to take an in-depth ICT (information and communication technology) course at Leaving Cert.
  • Provide enhanced digital content to schools, including working with cultural institutions, sporting bodies and others.
  • Embed ICT skills as part of initial teacher education and ongoing training for teachers.
  • Work to promote safe and responsible use of the internet and social media, including new resources to schools to better prevent cyber-bullying.
The Strategy is the result of extensive national and international research. The Strategy involved extensive consultation and reflects the views of education stakeholders including students. It has been developed around key themes.

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Modernising the curriculum, to embed digital learning, will be a very important part of the Strategy. The NCCA  (National Council for Curriculum and Assessment) will ensure that future curriculum specifications will incorporate clear statements of learning that focus on developing digital learning skills and the use of ICT in achieving learning outcomes at all levels of education.

Recognising the importance of progression to further and higher education, the Strategy will support the development of opportunities for learners to undertake in-depth study of ICT in the Senior Cycle. The Strategy will also impact on the continuum of teacher education from initial education through induction and continuing professional development for teachers.

The Strategy sets out a set of actions to be achieved from 2015 to 2020.  The Department of Education and Skills will provide leadership in order to ensure the Strategy is successful and these actions are achieved.

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Click here to download the PDF booklet called Digital Strategy for Schools 2015-2020

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