Valentine’s Day Movie’s

Valentine’s Day Movie’s

I’m not one for the cheesy love stories with a dull script that’s only goal is to make you cry and cuddle into your significant other.. I like the not-so-typical love stories, one’s that are a genuinely great movie that just so happen to have a greater love story.. Here are a few recommendations you may not have considered to watch this Valentine’s Day.


Part 2. Working in Film

Part 2. Working in Film

As I mentioned in my previous blog, working in the film industry is not as you would expect.. At all.


My newly discovered developments are somewhat positive, they include;

That I have reached a point beyond exhaustion where I no longer feel tired, although this may seem worrying, I count it as a plus, and I will deal with the possible after-effects of this when they come.

That the money I make has nowhere to go, as I spend all of my time here and physically do not have the time, nor the energy to spend it.

I have made connections with people that you would not believe, ie: the assistant director from Jurassic Park, who is one of the most unusual, yet kind fellows I have come across. 

The negatives have mostly remained the same, but my most recent and most terrifying discovery, is that people get fired. All. The. Time. I’m talking at least one person, if not more, gets let go every single day. This keeps everyone is in a constant state of panic, wondering who is going to get let go next. If anyone makes even the slightest mistake, they fear for their job. What a way to live!

Every day in the production office is a soap opera. Just yesterday, one of the directors mentioned in passing that he had a head cold. No big deal right?.. WRONG. So so wrong.

The producers soon caught wind of this terrible fiasco, and demanded the director wear a mask to protect the precious cast. I kid you not.

So, obviously, the director was not amused by this, and refused to wear the mask, as it would restrict his job. Fair enough.. He also said that if people had an issue with his ‘germs’ then they should wear the mask.

Long story short, no one wears the mask, because it’s just a ridiculous request. But then, producers and assistants and PA’s and runners all start claiming they feel faint and they want to vomit and the likes. So they send the director home, only to then fire him like it’s nothing. All because he said in passing to someone that he may have felt a slight cold coming on. I mean, if everyone who ever had a tickle in their throat took the day off work, NOTHING would get done. Oh and did I forget to mention his assistant also got the boot? But don’t worry, they had replacements lined up to take their place the very next day.

The moral of my story is that everyone is disposable and no one is safe.

I think the key is to just not let it phase you. Take every day you don’t get fired as a small win. That’s why I try to take in as much as I possibly can. I take strolls down onto the sets when no one is there, I walk around by myself and look at all of the tiny details that have been carefully designed, right down to the fake candy bar wrappers with a logo one of the graphic design guys probably spent two days working on.

I look at the wood on the outside of the indoor set house and wonder how many hours it took for them to burn, then varnish, then burn, just to get the desired rustic effect for 4 seconds screen time.

I read over every second, fifth and millionth draft of the same script that lands on my desk, I know every detail about every character who hasn’t even been cast yet, and I know that 70% of the people that work here go home to an empty house because it would be near impossible to have a family waiting at home if you worked 7am until the early hours of the morning 5 days a week.

Part of me wonders how any sane person can work like this, and yet, here I am, working here with the rest of them. So what does that make me?


Stay tuned for part 3.

Movies to See This September

Movies to See This September

Movies to see in September

The Magnificent Seven

I think I speak for everyone when i say I am super excited for this film. Chris Pratt in a western? What more could you ask for! Check out the trailer for The Magnificent Seven Below.


This is a movie I am really looking forward to, it follows the story of Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger (Tom Hanks) with the landing of a plane in the Hudson river, and the controversy that followed afterwards.

This movie looks intense and thrilling and I am hopeful that this will be a successful movie, after all, Tom Hanks can do no wrong.

Sausage Party

I don’t really know what to say about this movie. I’ve seen it, I’ve processed it, and I still don’t understand what actually happened for the 2 hours I spend staring at the screen.

The Trailer looked hilarious, but I think I laughed about 3 times during the entire movie.

The movie follows supermarket food in their lives in the store, and the horrors that occur when they are taken home and eaten.

The idea is funny, the cast are great, but yet for some reason the movie just did not work for me, or for anyone I know that has seen it.

I would give Sausage Party a 5/10, and the only reason for that is for the great cast.

Bad Moms

This movie was a pleasant surprise, the cast is great and the concept is much more interesting that the trailer would lead you believe.

This is an uplifting and highly enjoyable watch and would be ideal for a girls night, or even as a date night for couples. Bad Moms gets a 7/8 for me.

War Dogs

This is a tough one for me, I really enjoyed the idea, music and cast, but the movie seemed to drag for hours. The storyline follows two 20 something year old business men as they sell weapons to the US Military. Jonah Hill and Miles Teller are a great tag team, Jonah once again shows how great of an actor he is, taking on this sleazy, sharp businessman with dark side, much different to his usual comedic rolls.

To sum up, War Dogs is a great watch, but what would make it better would be if it were 30 minutes shorter.


Rear View Projection

Rear View Projection

Rear View Projection.

Rear projection is a special effect technique that is used in film productions. It is the effect of combining the foreground with an existing background that could be filmed beforehand or painted or computer generated images (CGI). It is commonly used in the film industry, mainly in driving scenes or to show some form of background motions. This effect is to create an illusion that the characters are in a place they are not in, very similar to a blue/green screen effect.

The actors would have to stand in front of a giant screen while a projector is positioned behind it to show an image for the necessary background. The background usually would appear much fainter than the foreground, and it could be a still image or a moving image, but they are both called the “plate” and one might also hear “Roll plate” in a film set where rear projection is used to instruct the crew to begin the projection.

In order for rear projection to work and not showing any faults in the plate, the sound stage camera has to be in perfect synchronization with the projector. Both the camera and the projector have to be operating at 24fps, so that there will be no fringes or any halos appearing in the screen.


The rear projection was mainly used to film actors in driving or any moving vehicle scenes, which is in fact a vehicle prop that is set up in front of the plate. In such cases, the actor would seem very odd compared to the projected background, because the projected background was not shot steadily and the bumping movement of the background was not recreated by the actors.

The more you know!




Fun ideas for projectors

Fun ideas for projectors

Check out these cool uses for projectors

Light Up A Child’s Bedroom

Transform your children’s bedroom into an underwater world or outer space with a themed projector! These projectors can be used as a nightlight and can be lots of fun for kids!




Home Cinema

Impress your friends and family with showing the big game on a high quality projector, everyone will be dying to get an invite.

20071008football 004



Date Night

Instead of spending all that money on a cinema trip, why not create your own cinema at home? Project the movie onto a flat surface and voila! You have a home theatre!




Slide Shows

Want to share embarrassing pictures at a birthday party or anniversary? Well go big or go home! Use a projector to stream a slide-show of pictures big enough for everyone to see!



The possibilities are endless! Just use your imagination!

Movie Reviews for Summer 2016

Movie Reviews for Summer 2016

Movie Reviews for Summer 2016

The Purge: Election Year

To be honest, I went to see this movie with very low expectations, usually when movies like this make it to the third instalment, you can pretty much guarantee yourself that it will be a disappointment. BUT I was happily surprised! Within the first 10 minutes I was hooked on the plot. This is an excellent thriller that keeps your attention throughout. It is by far the most enjoyable of the three movies and is definitely worth a watch.


This movie is amazing! That is all that needs to be said. Amazing cast, amazing jokes, great storyline and great fun! This is a movie you do not want to miss!

Now you see me 2

The cast change in this movie is for the better, Isla Fisher does not star alongside the original cast, but instead Lizzy Caplan takes the lead female role and does an excellent job! This was a very clever and fast paced movie with a great storyline and even better stunts.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

This movie is not for everyone, if your in your late teens or early 20s, this will be right up your street. The movie has loads of laughs, and a great cast starring Zac Efron and Adam Devine who is very reminiscent of a young Jack Black and provides most of the chuckles.

Finding Dory

I feel I don’t need to sell this movie to anyone, as everyone knows how spectacular this movie will be. Disney definitely fulfilled my expectations with this beautiful storyline and amazing animation. Please do not miss this movie, no matter what age you are, I promise you will love it. Finding Dory has all of the original cast, along with new lovable characters who make the movie even better.

The Shallows

This dark thriller is thoroughly enjoyable and full of suspense, but it is not for everyone.. If you have a fear of sharks, maybe sit this one out! Great filming locations and Blake Lively was a great lead lady!

Another few top picks are: Pets, Central Intelligence, Tarzan and The Conjuring 2.


Avoiding the problem

I myself have had previous experience working in the film industry, no not the Hollywood glamour side of things, but in fact the movie theatre side of things, and although the Hollywood side would be nice to say, at least I get to say I got 40% off my popcorn and free movie tickets, so who’s the real winner here?

I worked in a popular cinema chain for 4 years, and absolutely loved it! I got to see how everything worked right down to the projector bulbs, which I can tell you, if one of those things goes out, your in trouble. Try explaining to 200+ people attending the premiere of the new Star Wars movie that the movie might not work due to technical issues involving a bad projector bulb, definitely not a great situation.

Projector bulbs are used more often than one would think, imagine a teacher, setting up his or her amazing slide show he or she worked all night and day on, plugging in his or her USB to teach their full college lecture class and have the projector simply stop working. Seems like a small problem, yes, but the inconvenience is most definitely not worth it.

Projectors need to loved and cared for just as any other technical device, you wouldn’t just let your iPhone run on low battery for the entire day with the fear it could die at any moment would you? No, you would solve the problem and charge the phone to avoid it dying when you need to most, which is exactly what needs to be done with projectors. The number 1 warning sign of a dying projector bulb is dimmed brightness, typically a projector bulb will last for 2000 hours, so the main tip I will offer here is to keep a rough idea of how long you have left in your bulb to avoid any problems, but if you are unsure of your projectors life span, contact us at [email protected] and we will be able to assist you in every way we can.

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