Long Throw VS Short Throw Projectors

Long Throw VS Short Throw Projectors

Long throw versus Short throw Projectors: Before we get into things, it is important to note what ‘short throw’ actually means. ‘Throw’ refers to the distance between the projector and the screen you are projecting the image to. So a short throw projector would not need to be too far away from the projector screen for you to have a clear and bright image. (more…)

Valentine’s Day Movie’s

Valentine’s Day Movie’s

I’m not one for the cheesy love stories with a dull script that’s only goal is to make you cry and cuddle into your significant other.. I like the not-so-typical love stories, one’s that are a genuinely great movie that just so happen to have a greater love story.. Here are a few recommendations you may not have considered to watch this Valentine’s Day.


Thing’s you’ll miss when you leave Ireland.

Thing’s you’ll miss when you leave Ireland.

Living abroad has its perks, and also its drawbacks, ie no Irish chocolate and no beloved Tayto sandwiches. The first few months I moved away there was not much other than family that I missed, but as the months flew by, I noticed myself craving more and more Irish things..


Cheese Toasties

Where do I start with the cheese toastie fiasco..

For one, not one person in North America knows what a cheese toastie actually is. They refer to them as grilled cheese and nothing else. If you accidentally ask for a cheese toastie, you just get blank stares and confused faces.

Why not just make your own toastie you ask.. Well that’s all well and good until you discover that a block of mediocre cheese retails at $8. That being low end cheese that tastes like literal plastic and doesn’t even melt the same as in Ireland. So making a cheese toastie proves seriously difficult and costs more than eating brunch at a nice restaurant! And even if you take the painful leap and purchase the most expensive cheese ever, your sandwich will still taste awful due to the bread having heaps of sugar and tasting like a cake and not bread.



You go shopping, you find a nice shirt for $40, you get to the register, money in hand, and it’s actually $44.89. Heartbreaking stuff. You would think I would have gotten used to this by now, but every time I seem to forget until the cashier breaks the news I owe more than I budgeted..

This is the same in restaurants, they charge you guest service charge (gst) and then expect you to tip 20%+ on top. Then get super snappy if they get anything less. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for tipping, but the fact that there is a formula and a particular way they expect you to tip is annoying to say the least. You’ll never know how much you miss paying what’s on the price tag until you leave Ireland.



Irish complain about the weather on a daily basis, yes, but can we at least be thankful that the weather is actually predictable and fairly tame? Living in North America is like living on another planet. There is constant fear of hurricanes, volcanoes erupting and the never ending scare of ‘The Big One’ finally hitting… If you are unfamiliar with ‘The Big One’, there is enough information on Google to scare someone into never leaving Ireland. To sum up, It’s essentially a death assuring earthquake expected from the San Andreas Fault in the coming months. It’s rarely talked about, but the subtle hints left around the City are a constant reminder.. Even in my apartment building there are strict instructions on how to act during earthquakes, which I have studied religiously.


Mi Wadi

Yes. You read that correctly. Cordial/ diluted drinks are barely a thing. I don’t have much to say other than one word. Devastating.


A Decent Chinese

Finding a good Chinese takeaway posed difficult, after trying 20+ places we finally found one that has a nice chilli chicken alternative. As soon as I get home I plan to buy out a Chinese takeaway for a week to cater to any spice bag needs I may have.



Talking about all of these thing’s are enough to make me book a flight home… Which I will do next year if ‘The Big One’ doesn’t get to me first.

Moving to Vancouver, Canada.

Moving to Vancouver, Canada.

Most people don’t consider Canada when choosing to move abroad, it certainly wasn’t on my list, but now here I am. I am now moving into my 8th month of living in Vancouver and I’m a little bit obsessed, even though my first few days in Canada tested me beyond belief with a series of tragic events (read on to find out just how tragic..), and I seriously contemplated hopping on the next flight out of here…

My first day arriving in Vancouver was so unreal that when I told people they laughed and then presume I exaggerated.. But oh how that is not the case.. 
It all started with a crappy 10 hour flight with no tv’s, wifi or free meals.. Not even one lousy bag of pretzels! I was so hungry on the flight I actually spend $16 dollars for some dry crackers and ‘laughing cow’ cheese.
Needless to say, we were delighted to have landed safe and sound. We were out of air and finally set foot in our new homeland for the next 2 years. We unloaded off the plane from hell, and entered into a new kind hell… immigration.
The immigration room was filled with at least 40, with only two immigration officers working. Neither of which could not stop talking to one another about their weekend shenanigans.
The more the officers chit chat, the slower the line moved and the more agitated we all became.. But alas,3 hours later, we had our working visas and all was well, or so we believed
We were so excited to get to our hotel, get showered, get food and sleep off the long and stressful day. But little did we know that the airport was actually going to be best part of the day.
Hopping into a cab outside Vancouver airport in the torrential rain was fine, we can handle the rain, we’re Irish. But hopping into a cab outside Vancouver airport in torrential rain to a cab with a driver who doesn’t speak english, unfortunately, I can not handle.
Having never been to this country before, it would be presumed I don’t have any idea where I am going. But, to be a cab driver whose actual job it is to drive people around and bring them to their destination, you would think would know where he was going.
We drove from the airport into some fairly dodgy side streets and rundown villages. We saw no buildings of interest. No mountains, snow or wildlife. Basically it seemed like we were driving through a rough part of Dublin with heavier rain and bigger trees.
We got to our hotel, which looked pretty average on booking.com, but in reality was the biggest dump in Vancouvre. It looked like a worse version of Bates Motel, stained carpet and all.
From the creepy receptionist guy who whispered instead of spoke. To the $250 security deposit we weren’t told about until we checked in, and the blood stained shower curtain, the place wasn’t that bad. It had a decent sized bed (with dirty sheets). A tv (that didn’t turn on). A lovely bathroom (that didn’t have a functioning door). Oh and wifi was $15 a day per device, great!
To stop myself from having an actual breakdown, we dropped our bags and went to get food, thinking our over reaction was down to hunger. A typical Irish excuse…
So we pop next door into a cute little Chinese restaurant, ordered two waters and opened the menu. The FIRST thing on this menu.. I kid you not.. Was chicken knees. Chicken. Knees.
Do chickens even have knees? Apparently, because they’re a Chinese starter. I don’t need to tell you that we got out of there as fast as we could. We went back into the lashing rain and into another restaurant which cost $30 for a plate of crappy pasta. But it was so much better than I imagine chicken knees would taste…
After we ate, we went back to the hotel. Contemplated what the hell had happened. Then slept it off, and we stayed in that hell hole for 3 nights until we finally found ourselves somewhere to live.
Fast forward 3 months, and we now live in a fancy little high rise in the middle of downtown Vancouver, with more bars and restaurants you could imagine. We could not be happier.
There are some days we drive past that hotel and we smile. We think of how we probably shared a bed with thousands of bed bugs. How we showered with a dozen other people’s hair caught in the drain. How we used a towel that was probably used to clean up a crime scene. And how we looked out a window into a back alley where homeless people spent their days fighting one another.
Moral of the story… no matter how awful the situation you find yourself in, there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel. And if ever you’re feeling down and out about something, just remember that I spent the night in a room where a man was actually shot! (we found out after we checked out).
Chilled Christmas Movies To Watch This November

Chilled Christmas Movies To Watch This November

No plans this weekend? Don’t worry, we got you covered.. Get your PJ’s on, a duvet, order a chinese and get ready to feel the Christmas magic with these movies..

Since it’s still November and we’re only getting over Halloween, let’s start it off slow shall we?

Die Hard.

Die Hard is mainly an action movie meaning it can be enjoyed year round, but it also the hints and suggestions of Christmas,  leaving you with subtle excitement guaranteed to make you get up and go searching for that tangled ball of Christmas lights in your attic…

Love Actually.

Enjoyable, warm and lovable Christmas that really gets you in the loving happy romantic Christmas mood. Definitely a must watch for couples as opposed to

The Holiday.

A nice movie to ease yourself into the Christmas spirit. The snow and cosy fireplace scenes get you super excited for those cold winter nights in, and this movie definitely deserves some wine and take-out while curled up on the sofa. This is probably top of my list this year.


Now onto the hardcore Christmas movies…

Home Alone.

Best. Movie.Ever. Need I say more?

The Santa Clause.

Heart-warming family movie that tugs at the old heart strings. I know most of you like myself have a soft spot for this brilliant movie. The best part is that it has sequels that definitely do not disappoint!


This hilarious and charming movie is perfect for the week leading up to Christmas, it’s light, it’s funny, and you can watch it more that 20 times and still love it! Definitely one of my favorites.


Other suggestions:

The Grinch, Trading Places, Edward Scissorhands, It’s A Wonderful Life, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

What are your go-to Christmas movies?

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