Trade in Your Old Projector and Earn Cashback with Epson

Trade in Your Old Projector and Earn Cashback with Epson

When you purchase the latest Epson interactive display before 30.09.2018, you can trade in your old Epson projector and receive €100 cashback.

What’s more, is that you can also trade in your interactive whiteboard at the same time to receive an additional €100 cashback, OR, you can trade in your old interactive touch screen (50” and above) and you can receive up to €200 cashback. (more…)

Long Throw VS Short Throw Projectors

Long Throw VS Short Throw Projectors

Long throw versus Short throw Projectors: Before we get into things, it is important to note what ‘short throw’ actually means. ‘Throw’ refers to the distance between the projector and the screen you are projecting the image to. So a short throw projector would not need to be too far away from the projector screen for you to have a clear and bright image. (more…)

Valentine’s Day Movie’s

Valentine’s Day Movie’s

I’m not one for the cheesy love stories with a dull script that’s only goal is to make you cry and cuddle into your significant other.. I like the not-so-typical love stories, one’s that are a genuinely great movie that just so happen to have a greater love story.. Here are a few recommendations you may not have considered to watch this Valentine’s Day.


Thing’s you’ll miss when you leave Ireland.

Thing’s you’ll miss when you leave Ireland.

Living abroad has its perks, and also its drawbacks, ie no Irish chocolate and no beloved Tayto sandwiches. The first few months I moved away there was not much other than family that I missed, but as the months flew by, I noticed myself craving more and more Irish things..


Cheese Toasties

Where do I start with the cheese toastie fiasco..

For one, not one person in North America knows what a cheese toastie actually is. They refer to them as grilled cheese and nothing else. If you accidentally ask for a cheese toastie, you just get blank stares and confused faces.

Why not just make your own toastie you ask.. Well that’s all well and good until you discover that a block of mediocre cheese retails at $8. That being low end cheese that tastes like literal plastic and doesn’t even melt the same as in Ireland. So making a cheese toastie proves seriously difficult and costs more than eating brunch at a nice restaurant! And even if you take the painful leap and purchase the most expensive cheese ever, your sandwich will still taste awful due to the bread having heaps of sugar and tasting like a cake and not bread.



You go shopping, you find a nice shirt for $40, you get to the register, money in hand, and it’s actually $44.89. Heartbreaking stuff. You would think I would have gotten used to this by now, but every time I seem to forget until the cashier breaks the news I owe more than I budgeted..

This is the same in restaurants, they charge you guest service charge (gst) and then expect you to tip 20%+ on top. Then get super snappy if they get anything less. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for tipping, but the fact that there is a formula and a particular way they expect you to tip is annoying to say the least. You’ll never know how much you miss paying what’s on the price tag until you leave Ireland.



Irish complain about the weather on a daily basis, yes, but can we at least be thankful that the weather is actually predictable and fairly tame? Living in North America is like living on another planet. There is constant fear of hurricanes, volcanoes erupting and the never ending scare of ‘The Big One’ finally hitting… If you are unfamiliar with ‘The Big One’, there is enough information on Google to scare someone into never leaving Ireland. To sum up, It’s essentially a death assuring earthquake expected from the San Andreas Fault in the coming months. It’s rarely talked about, but the subtle hints left around the City are a constant reminder.. Even in my apartment building there are strict instructions on how to act during earthquakes, which I have studied religiously.


Mi Wadi

Yes. You read that correctly. Cordial/ diluted drinks are barely a thing. I don’t have much to say other than one word. Devastating.


A Decent Chinese

Finding a good Chinese takeaway posed difficult, after trying 20+ places we finally found one that has a nice chilli chicken alternative. As soon as I get home I plan to buy out a Chinese takeaway for a week to cater to any spice bag needs I may have.



Talking about all of these thing’s are enough to make me book a flight home… Which I will do next year if ‘The Big One’ doesn’t get to me first.

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